This is a short but rather poignant video featuring some recorded statements from me, overdupped with some animations by the brilliant freedom labs people in Amsterdam, pointing out how we are in the midst of our worldview painfully switching from EGO to ECO, citing examples and trends from the media business.

But of course this principle applies very much to energy and environmental concerns, as well - EGOsystems are doomed. Welcome to what I like to call ECOTALISM (a new shape of capitalism). My new book (“From Ego to Eco” - to be released sometime later this year) will go into depth on this meme.

For more of my thinking on this switch from Ego to Eco, go here, or read my various MediaFuturist blog posts on this topic. IMHO, we need to learn from Internet culture and apply the concepts to ‘green futures’ ! As Jeremy Rifkin says, the Internet of Energy is the future.

This slideshow, below, is very much related to this topic

And here is the video

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