I'm a Futurist on the journey from Ego to Eco, Author of 5 books (see below), and a global keynote speaker and strategist on media, social technologies, communications, sustainability, and 'Green Futures'. My main site and Futurist blog is at www.futuristgerd.com I am also the CEO of http://www.thefuturesagency.com Here, I focus on green future scenarios and green business trends, sustainable economics and what has been termed Natural Capitalism, as well as on renewable and networked energy and the idea of adapting internet, networked-society principles to the planet's most urgent climate and environment issues. In the near future, this will also become the home of the GreenFuturists group - stay tuned!

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Japan considers green future after nuclear disaster: build back better

Japan considers green future after nuclear disaster - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

Prime Minister Naoto Kan, before his resignation, urged Japan to embrace the European eco-town model - with communities that strive to be both carbon neutral and affordable - as the country looked to rebuild. In the United Kingdom, eco-towns are being explored as new developments that reflect the “four Cs” - climate, connectivity, community and character.

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